June 2015 - It's been a whirlwind, as schools end their academic year and close down for the summer. I have had the privilege of visiting several high schools to hand out awards, and want to make mention of them here. I presented Marysville HS with their El Dorado pacing contest trophy, Katy Etchison of Elk Grove HS with a 4-year award, the CA Academy of Mathematics and Science with the San Bernardino perpetual and pacing contest trophies, and Oscar Cruz of Sacramento New Tech HS with a 4- year award. Forestry Challenge alum Jessica Parlin represented the Challenge as she presented Carley Hangebrauck of Ponderosa HS with a 4-year award. Way to go!

I am also pleased that the 2014 Annual Report is completed and mailed, a copy of which is linked at the bottom of this page.

Now that 2014 is officially in the books, I can turn my attention to the year ahead. There are now about 400 students from 46 schools officially pre-registered for events, and several others I expect to be joining the list soon. I have made visits to dozens of new schools, and am seeing the fruits of that labor, as 7 new schools are already poised to join us.

So students and teachers, I hope you enjoy your summer, and have a chance to get out and immerse yourselves in the forest, as I plan to do in the months ahead, including a 120 mile backpack trip in July on the John Muir Trail. I'll also mix a little "work" in with the play, visiting event sites to set up the focus topics and field tests. But truly, the line between work and play is pretty blurry. I consider myself fortunate to be associated with all of you and this program.

Until Next Month,


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Welcome to the California Forestry Challenge website. Information on the 2015 events is posted on the "events" pages. Schools that pre-register for 2015 events before May 31st will get a 50 percent discount on registration fees.




What is the Forestry Challenge?

The California Forestry Challenge is a competitive event for high school students in technical forestry and current forestry issues. Using the forest as the classroom, the California Forestry Challenge is project-based learning at its best.

Highlights include:

  • Field Training: Forestry professionals spend time with the students familiarizing them with common tree species, forestry tools, and the use of identification keys. This training serves as a review of information and equipment already sent to teachers during the summer.
  • Field Test: Working as a 2 to 5 person team, students complete a comprehensive field test, which includes identifying and measuring trees, analyzing stand data, and making forest management decisions. The scores from the testing stations are combined, and become 60% of the team's final score.
  • Current Topic Fieldtrip: Students are presented with a real life topic or situation. They then visit the field to ask questions and collect data. Students also do a service project such as tree planting or invasive weed removal, to give them a "hands-on" forest experience. At the 2012 events, teams created a "recipe" for Giant Sequoia regeneration, helped clarify a management plan for a family forest, and weighed in on a not-yet-approved Timber Harvest Plan.
  • Presentation: Guided by two consultation sessions with a Registered Professional Forester, students use all available information to put together a 15-minute presentation. A panel of three judges scores the presentation, which is worth 40% of the final event score. Top teams have presented to the CA Board of Forestry, the CA Licensed Foresters Association, and the Forest Landowners of CA.

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